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About Me

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Specialty areas:

  • MS Diagnoses

  • Chronic Health Conditions

  • Parenting through the teen years

  • Parenting

  • Life Transitions

  • Empty Nesters

  • Relationship Changes




It fills me with immense pride to introduce New Start Counselling and Psychotherapy, a venture born from my deep-rooted passion for empowering women in nurturing their mental well-being. Following my diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis (MS) in 2021, I embarked on a profound journey of personal transformation, navigating the intricate paths of this significant life shift that has left me with a permanent disability. However, through this journey, I have emerged with a renewed perspective that has profoundly influenced my approach to mental health.

I am truly thrilled to have the opportunity to support other women, not only through diagnoses like mine but also through any of life's myriad changes. Whether it's adjusting to an empty nest, navigating the challenges of raising teenagers, transitioning into retirement, or overcoming the complexities of divorce, I want you to know that you can navigate through these changes and transform the lens through which you perceive them.

Empowerment is key at every stage. By instilling in our teenagers and children the skills to navigate challenges from a young age, we equip them to become resilient adults. As a single mother to twin teenage girls, I intimately comprehend the complexities of single parenthood as well as parenting through the teen years– a journey marked by both trials and triumphs. Through my own experiences, I've gained invaluable insights into the true essence of resilience. I've learned firsthand the significance of self-care and nurturing, not only for myself but also for my daughters. With a deep understanding of the unique struggles faced by adolescent girls, I am wholeheartedly dedicated to guiding them towards mental fortitude and independence.

Drawing from my personal journey, I bring a wealth of lived experience to my counselling practice. My teenage years were marked by profound challenges as I grappled with the repercussions of childhood trauma while transitioning into adulthood.  More recently, I've navigated the bittersweet transition of becoming an empty nester, recognising firsthand the inherent grief in such life's changes. These experiences have been my greatest teachers, surpassing any classroom lecture. I intimately understand the struggles of mental health firsthand, but I also know the resilience that lies within. It's a transformative journey, and I find immense fulfillment in guiding others through their own mental health challenges as a counsellor.

In addition to my counselling practice, I'm currently writing my upcoming book titled 'Diagnosis to Drummer.' This memoir encapsulates my journey before, during, and after my diagnosis of MS, detailing how I navigated through adversity to embrace an authentic and purposeful life. Beyond my writing, I find joy in including playing drums (hence the title of my book), reading, meditation, walks with my dogs, tending my garden, crafting candles, and spending time with loved ones.

You'll find my counselling space nestled within the welcoming spaces of Project 18 in Port Adelaide, SA and Seaton, SA – spaces I'm confident you'll find conducive to healing and growth. 

I'll also be expanding my online counselling services to ensure accessibility to a wider audience. Furthermore, branching out into motivational speaking, using 'Diagnosis to Drummer' as a platform to inspire and empower others on their journeys of resilience and self-discovery.

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